Living with

Hemophilia A?

The Alta Study is testing a potential
one-time lasting treatment

Hemophilia A is a genetic bleeding disorder in which people lack a clotting protein called factor VIII. As a result, those with hemophilia A need regular infusions of factor VIII to treat and prevent bleeding.

The ALTA study is testing an investigational gene therapy named SB-525 in males with hemophilia A. The study doctors want to find out if SB-525 is safe and tolerable, and learn more about its effectiveness at enabling your body to produce factor VIII on its own and improve blood clotting. “Investigational” means it isn’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for general use by the public. To learn more about the study opportunity, please contact


doctor testing

You may qualify for the ALTA clinical research study if you:

  • Are a male age 18 or older
  • Have severe hemophilia A and are currently free of inhibitor
  • Have had factor VIII replacement therapy for at least 150 days

People who qualify will receive:

  • Investigational gene therapy (SB-525) for severe hemophilia A
  • Study-related medical care

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